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Professional Development & Mentoring

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Becoming a yoga teacher is about more than just completing your RYT200 training. It’s an on-going process of learning and development. It’s about enhancing your skills as a teacher, tackling the (sometimes uncomfortable) marketing and promotion and all the while trying to maintain balance and exude calmness – usually whilst running around town. These sessions are designed by senior teacher Erika Shapiro who has been through all of this and more, having opened her own studio in 2017.

Get in touch you are interested in signing up for these workshop or mentoring. If you are a group wishing to take this workshop, do please email us with your interest as we may be able to set up a tailor-made workshop.

Please note that we are unable to offer refunds on unattended workshops. If you are unable to attend a workshop, you can pass your space on to a person of your choice. Any changes or alternations must be done in writing prior to the workshop.

The Verbal Cue: The Language of Teaching

Language is a very powerful adjustment tool in yoga. There is a lot of emphasis on manual adjustments. However, language is an incredibly valuable instrument to enrich our yoga teaching. In this 4-hour workshop, we will explore how you can find the capacity of enhancing your teaching through language and how to tap into that pool of words within yourself and your own practice, in order to add texture and depth to the classes you teach.

Cost: £45

Teaching Yoga One-to-One

Are you looking to teach more one to one sessions with private clients but uncertain on how to go about it or struggling to expand your tuition? Do you want to gain more knowledge on how to approach one to one tuition or gain more insight into body reading and adjustments in the context of a private session?

This full day workshop including promotion, pricing, safety, etiquette and building connections with clients. Part two is a practical, interactive session on body reading, verbal cueing and manual adjustments.

Cost: £99

Teach Yoga for Life

This workshop is dedicated to those teachers who are struggling to reconcile being a yoga teacher with the financial and practical aspects of running a small business. Teaching yoga is a vocational path – managing the business side with the path of yoga can bring challenges.  We aim to support you in finding balance on your teaching path, but at the same time finding a sustainable way of teaching with integrity and authenticity.

This comprehensive full day workshop will include talks and discussion with a chance to ask questions. It will also include a take-home planner to help you put together a yoga teaching business plan.

Cost: £99

Lesson Planning: The Perfectly Balanced Class

We all know what a perfectly balanced class feels like, but how do we deliver that in our own teaching? A balanced class will have texture and layers to it, that go beyond the simple sequencing of postures. In this workshop, we will look at what additional aspects we can weave into our classes to give them more substance and enhance the experience of the yogis attending our classes.

Topics include: theme building, integrating yoga philosophy, weaving stories into class themes and sources of inspiration.

Cost: £45

Vinyasa Flow Sequencing: A Subtle Art

This workshop is dedicated to teachers and intermediate/advanced students who want to develop a deeper understanding of vinyasa flow sequencing. It is suitable for teachers who have recently qualified or are in their first couple years of teaching, for those coming from different traditions and wanting to develop an understanding of vinyasa flow or for those wishing to take a fresh look at their sequencing.

The workshop is also suitable for students who have a confident self-practice and want to delve deeper into crafting more creative and maybe less repetitive sequences for themselves.

Cost: £179

Body Reading & Adjustments

This workshop is aimed at yoga teachers and at developing their skills in terms of body reading and adjustments. Body reading is a necessary skill for verbal and manual adjustments. This workshop will not be delivering off the shelf adjustments, but is aimed at giving you the skills to develop a dialogue with your clients/students, so that you can adjust each one in a personalised way and in a way that is suitable for them.

This workshop will be very interactive and we will be working with each other on developing these skills and practicing both verbal and manual adjustments.

Cost: £45

Mentoring & Personal Development

Erika Shapiro is a Senior Yoga teacher registered with Yoga Alliance Professionals. She has been teaching since 2009 and is available for mentoring sessions individually or for groups of teachers, starting at £60 per hour.
Erika is happy to support you in developing and growing your teaching skills and the more practical aspects of working as a yoga teacher.

From £60